Empowering our Kids


OUR vision

To empower every child to have a growth mindset and the tools to succeed in life, by nurturing the mind, body and soul.


THINK + DO + BE = Confident ME!


our mission

Our Mission is to empower, educate, motivate and inspire the Out of the box kids, to grow in confidence, self esteem and to have a life of their dreams. If we can empower our children at 8 years of age imagine what sort of adults they will grow to be!

our goals

To EMPOWER children to lead a confident life no matter of the circumstances.

To EDUCATE children on how their minds work and tools to help on their life adventure.

To MOTIVATE children to use the tools to help themselves and choose the tool right for them.

To INSPIRE children to take control of their lives, make a vision and set SMART goals.

To build CONFIDENCE and eradicate the negative thought patterns.

To build SELF ESTEEM and live the live of their dreams.

A GROWTH MINDSET is our final goal for life.


Our Program

Our program consists of a Foundation program over 5 weeks moving into one of our  four building blocks programs, your child can complete one building block or all four. After completion of building blocks then your child can move into a maintenance program and continue the learning process weekly.




Think Calm is 5 x 45 minute classes understanding the power of the mind and how it works. Building a Growth Mindset and learning the tools to calm an anxious Mind.

Building blocks workshops – we have 4 programs that can then be layered upon to receive the great

est benefit.



Innerpower is a 6 x 45 minute classes based around having self respect and standing up to peer pressure.




Mepower is 5 x 45 minute classes on developing a soaring self esteem and understanding the uniqueness of ME!




DreamPower is a 6 x 45 minute program creating a vision for your life, setting goals and understanding the attitude of Gratitude.




DragonPower is 5 x 45 minute classes slaying all those dragons like overcoming mistakes, fear, failure, change and conditional thinking.




After the building blocks our StarPower maintenance program offers themed weekly classes for the kids to continue on their journey. We feed ourselves 3 times a day, we need to feed our mind continuously with positive thoughts, interactions and experiences.


how does a class run

Each class runs for 45 minutes and consists of a story, art activity, yoga and meditation. Incorporating the MInd, Body and soul into each and every class.


The kids have a special safe space for learning, sharing and supporting each other. Our classes are designed to give the kids the tools they need to beat peer pressure, anxiety, negative thoughts and grow into the most empowered, confident successful kids they can be.


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Jodie Chandler is a certified

Adventures in wisdom Kids Life Coach

Yoga teacher  and specialised Rainbow Kids yoga teacher

Teens Meditation teacher – Shambala Kids

Master Life Coach

Specialties – Mindfulness, CBT, Anxiety, dyslexia, art therapy

Neurodiversity trained teacher.

Coaching the mental game – Deakin University

Mindfulness for wellbeing and peak performance – Monash University

Sensory Processing Disorder Awareness Diploma

Reflexology, Reiki Master, chakra

Spirit Junkie Masterclass

doTERRA Wellness Advocate



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