The Pathfinder Project

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If you are at a crossroads in your life and don’t know which road to take next, The Pathfinder Project is exactly what you have been looking for.

The program is a guided, exploratory tour to understanding yourself better, so that you can create a life that has meaning and heart for you.

The Pathfinder Project will help you:

  •  Discover what drives you
  •  Make better decisions that feel right
  • Build empowering beliefs for better results
  • Create a skills development plan
  • Establish goals that excite and motivate you
  • View success on your own terms

The Pathfinder Project is a self-paced personal development program founded on the idea that personal success and happiness ultimately come from enhanced self-awareness. Through the program you will be guided through a success alignment, which covers essential personal development components including: values, beliefs, goals, skills, support and success (see Figure 1).

The 17 exploratory exercises provided over the next six chapters will assist you to open up the way you think about yourself and set the stage for new personal insights and possibilities.

Once you have completed The Pathfinder Project you will be ready to turn your new self-awareness into real results by completing the Goal Tracker.